The Season Of The Witch

Lots of changes in my life. I recently moved from Washington State to Virginia during a pandemic. We have been in Virginia 6 weeks but it feels like a lifetime. So much has happened in a short amount of time. Both my husband and I have been in and out of the hospital and both of us are being forced to revaluate and process our lives on a deeper level.

My oldest daughter leaves for Egypt at the end of next month if travel is still an option and my youngest daughter is stressed over job loss due to downsizing. My husband and I are left wondering if our 4 story home was a good choice now that my psoriatic arthritis has taken an unexpected turn. (I am not on any biologics due to Covid and things have progressed in the opposite direction of what I had hoped)

October/Samhain are such transitional times. It’s the time of our ancestors, of reflection, looking beyond the veil and going within. Our country is also in the middle of a transition–the outcome yet unknown. I spend much of my time thinking/fretting about how we got to this point. The blatant racism, bigotry, war on women and everyone of color leaves me feeling shattered. Who are these people I share the country with? The stealing of children with no way to reunite sickens me. I will never understand the cruelty and the hatred behind these acts. The misinformation we are experiencing is staggering. I pray daily for those that have passed and for the family members left behind that are dealing with unthinkable grief while our President dances on stage.

As a Witch my focus has been on petitioning the Goddess asking what I can do to make things better within my family and beyond. How do I walk this path of uncertainty? I don’t have any life altering revelations but I am noticing if I lean in–just a bit and allow myself to tap into more of what brings me joy I feel more grounded–better equipped to offer support to my family and friends. Thankfully being near water and out in nature is what sustains me. I’m not yet familiar with my new area but I have found a couple of quiet places by the water that allow me to recharge and renew–if only for a few moments.

The biggest shift is my writing. I wanted to make the shift from literary to more mainstream fiction for way too long. And I am finally doing it. I am over 200 pages in. I am taking an amazing course from The Muse in Norfolk. I am learning how to keep the poetry in my language and how to transition from one genre to another. And as an added surprise some of the teachers are from Goddard–where I received my MFA. My writing is now my refuge. I make it a priority. I long to hang out in the world I have created. That’s not to say that writing is a piece-of-cake but it is enjoyable–especially now that I’ve allowed myself to write what I actually want to write. I have no idea why I didn’t do this earlier. I am also starting an eco-poetry class on Sunday.

From a Witch’s perspective–writing can change realities. Words call things into being. Most magical acts begin with words. Tapping into this understanding assists with navigating my writing and my personal life. On a deeper level it’s about moving in and out of realities. This is what I am pondering today as I travel the landscape of doctor’s appointments, shopping for food, offering comfort to a friend that just had unexpected surgery. My witchcraft is not separate from my life–my path is my practice. For me it’s all about perception and staying connected to the Mother/Goddess not just thru spells, or ritual but by walking my path in the physical world–being grounded and noticing beauty in some of the most unexpected places.

A special shout-out to Carolina Dean for helping me cut thru the fog of uncertainty.