My Books, Projects & Anthologies

As a writer I’m not easy to label. I am fascinated by hybridity.  I mix genres. I enjoy merging fiction and nonfiction. I add snippets of conversations, poetry, recipes, charms, prayers and folklore to my writing.

Reading, writing and storytelling were my religions growing up. My father used to tell me a story every night before going to bed. He told the most astounding stories that materialized in the moment. His imagination and ability to conjure imagery were a gift. I wish I knew if the stories he told me were told to him by his father.

Every Saturday morning, for as far back as I can remember, my father and I headed to the library to check out and return books. He always checked out seven books and he almost always read them all. He insisted that I check out seven books. I could barely get thru one but by the time I was in middle school I could match him. I wasn’t consistent with reading seven in a week but I could keep up. I am an avid reader. I am also a close reader. I owe these skills to my father, Edmond Danielle. He passed on his love of words and stories. It is because of him that I pursued an MFA from Goddard College. My mother, Helen Marie, also deserves a mention. She was a poet and an artist. She taught me to see light in the most unusual places. This skill continues to assist me.

I remember when my oldest cousin was hired by Glamour magazine as an editor. Everyone spoke in hushed tones when her name was mentioned. I kept her picture on the bookcase in my bedroom. I envisioned her as an angel.

I always knew I was a writer. My first writings were etched inside my closet—shaman-like images that were discovered by the painter when he removed the doors to paint.

Of course there was the pink diary with the tiny key. I often wonder what happened to my childhood writings.

I write from my life. I tend to write with my veins open. My process often startles me as I am a very private person.


MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College, 2011

BA Evergreen State College, 2008

Completed Projects:

“Remedies is a deeply original autobiographical fiction that chronicles the lives of five generations of women. Patricia has a lovely way of approaching her own work which is intimate and deeply empathic to the power of language. It is evident from page one that her writing erupts from a place of necessity. It is beautifully layered and brought to life through image-driven vignettes that have been paired down into razor-sharp scenes. The stories convey tragedy and comedy in equal portions. Wombs and halos, mothers and daughters; the story is circular—the beginning has a before, and the ending is not the end. At the bottom of most pages Patricia has created a parallel existence that consists of incantations, proverbs, and recipes that provide another layer of running commentary. Patricia is emerging as a writer confident and skillful in the subtle art of hybrid writing.”

The Following Books are a collection of stories & poems of Native American Adoptess. I had the honor of assisting with bringing them to fruition. 

The Poetry of Yoga is Part of an Anthology

The Poetry of Yoga

The Fat Yogini: Making Peace With Our Bodies.